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Samuel Jack

The Gold & The Glory (CD)

The Gold & The Glory (CD)

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Released:   16th June 2023

Samuel Jacks highly anticipated sophomore album “The Gold & The Glory” is an emotive collection of both powerful and heartfelt songs. Born from his unique but whole heartedly relatable journey - his eclectic blend of soul, pop, blues and hip hop weaves together to showcase an undeniably honest body of work, telling stories of love, loss, hope and perseverance. Human, resonant, and real - The Gold & The Glory is a place to find comfort in.



  1. Borderline
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Those Days (Radio Mix)
  4. Call Me Stupid
  5. Sun Goes Down
  6. Nobody Knows Me
  7. Chat Dad
  8. Mad About It
  9. The Gold & The Glory
  10. Home To You
  11. Ruin Myself
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