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The Staves

The Staves & Ymusic - The Way is Read (LP)

The Staves & Ymusic - The Way is Read (LP)

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The Staves’ collaboration with classical ensemble yMusic pairs their graceful vocals and exemplary harmonies with yMusic’s virtuosic, shimmering orchestral textures. Originally commissioned by the 2016 Eaux Claires Festival in Wisconsin, the project is an expression of mutual admiration.

yMusic have long been fans of The Staves, and The Staves dug deep into yMusic’s catalogue of contemporary classical compositions to find pieces that would lend themselves to the addition of the sisters’ poignant lyrics and vocal performance. The result is magical - a set thatfits snugly between art and pop, expressed with the utmost care and attention.


  1. Hopeless
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Trouble on My Mind
  4. Bladed Stance
  5. All My Life
  6. Silent Side
  7. Year of the Dog
  8. Courting Is A Pleasure
  9. All The Times You Prayed
  10. Appetite
  11. Sprig of Thyme
  12. The Way Is Read
Includes digital download of the album.
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