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Conor Mason

Man-Made Sunshine EP – 12” Marbled Colour Vinyl

Man-Made Sunshine EP – 12” Marbled Colour Vinyl

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Released:   11th November 2022

This product is currently on pre-order, it will be released on the 11th November.

12” Vinyl

Marbled Colour: Transparent Yellow and Solid Red, limited to 500 copies 

I'm very excited to announce that my self titled EP 'Man-Made Sunshine' will be out on November 11th. This collection of songs was never really meant to be anything other than a vehicle to help me navigate my way through healing, a way I could release the trapped memories that were blocking me growing and finding my truest most unequivocal self. At the time of writing I wanted to create a group of songs in a certain vibration that I could tune into whenever I felt myself a friend to sit with and be understood by. Fast forward to the present, releasing this EP feels like the right time for me as I tread into the 'unknown' on the other side. I feel comfortable showcasing the dark personal matter in hopes that it may offer solice to another. I hope if you need you can tune into them too and they offer some comfort to you.


  1. Brain In A Jar
  2. Big
  3. Little Bird
  4. Life’s Gonna Kill You (If You Let It)
  5. Rosebud
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