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Common Sense (Test Pressing)

Common Sense (Test Pressing)

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Limited edition, hand stamped, double vinyl of 'Common Sense', the award winning debut album from J Hus 


Side A

  1. Common Sense
  2. Bouff Daddy
  3. Clartin
  4. Leave Me

Side B

  1. Closed Doors
  2. Did You See
  3. Like Your Style
  4. Plottin
  5. Sweet Cheeks

Side C

  1. Fisherman (featuring MoStack and MIST)
  2. Good Time (featuring Burna Boy)
  3. Spirit
  4. Mash Up (featuring MoStack)

Side D

  1. Goodies
  2. Good Luck Chale (featuring Tiggs Da Author)
  3. Who You Are
  4. Friendly
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